Insurance Appraisal

commercial real estate appraisal Colorado

Realty Advisors Insurance Appraisal can provide clients the amount of insurance required for any building or amenity. Our insurance appraisers evaluate each structures reproduction value on an element and component basis from the ground up. Our system processes the multifaceted calculations needed to obtain a correct assessment of labor and material costs for every building component. It also calculates the fees, taxes, overhead and profit to deliver precise evaluation in the appraisal of commercial real estate throughout Colorado.

In determining the insurable value we follow the procedure known as the Segregated Cost Method that allows appraisers to provide separate consideration to all major construction assemblies as well as the systems of a structure. Our Insurance Appraisers provide a superior degree of knowledge to both building construction methods and the total value relationships amongst tenancies, classes and quality levels.

In order to deliver the optimum report our Insurance Appraisers conduct a complete on-site inspection and use the most up to date building cost database software. Realty Advisors delivers fair estimate of the property’s replacement cost and exhibits due diligence for our clients, allowing them to feel at ease in the knowledge that the property is neither under-insured nor over-insured.

The complete insurance appraisal includes:

  • Definition of Hazard Valuation (Any non-flood peril)
  • Definition of Flood Valuation (based on National Flood Insurance Program Guidelines), if needed
  • Detailed Building Descriptions
  • Property Location Map
  • Photographs of Each Appraised Structure (High Resolution Digital Photographs)
  • Recapitulation of Values
  • Replacement Cost Estimates
  • Insurable Replacement Cost Estimates
  • Depreciated Replacement Cost Estimates
  • The clients will be using all pictures taken at the stage of the physical inspection that are electronically accomplished in the occurrence of a loss.

Realty Advisors Denver Insurance Appraisers complete any property types that needs an Insurance Appraisal: Condominiums, Retail Stores, Museums, Home Owner Associations, RV Resorts, Strip Malls, Master Associations, Bed and Breakfast Inns, Warehouses, Co-ops, Hospitals, Zoos, Time Shares, Commercial Buildings, Retirement Homes, Country Clubs, Office Buildings, Banks, Golf and Tennis Clubs, Colleges and Universities, Service Stations, Hotels and Resorts, Libraries, Restaurants, Medical Buildings, Municipalities, Private Schools, Marinas, Car Dealerships, Conservatories, Sports Stadiums, Residential Properties, Private Estates, Funeral Homes, Theaters, Public Schools and Yacht Clubs.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you with any of your valuation needs. Please contact us with any questions or if there is anything we can do to be of assistance.